Will I weigh under 200 lbs on 2024-12-31? (-1.55 lbs/week)
Dec 31

This morning I weighed 245.5 lbs according to my bathroom scale. Will I weigh under 200 lbs according to my bathroom scale on 2024-12-31?

I'm 50% successful on these months-long attempts, and the latest one seems unattainable, so let's try it again! As it's a commitment aid, I'll only bet and hold yes (and may bet past my personal belief, as long as I think it'll help motivate me).

I plan to provide an update in the comments at least once a month. If I forget to weigh in on 2024-12-31 I'll interpolate linearly between the closest weights before and after.

2024-06-08: 245.5 lbs

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are you opposed to taking semaglutide?

Not entirely. But even if I go that route, I'll have to figure out how to sustain things after going off it anyway, so I'm focusing on that first. I might reconsider when supply shortages aren't so frequent.

@phaen finding a new lifestyle that you can sustain is the key. I wish you all the luck with your attempt. I lost 30 ponds two years ago and still am at the same weight after I stopped my diet fase. Learning to understand my portions were too big, not that I was eating wrong things made a big mental change.