resolved Mar 14

MOP 2023 alum, deferred EA; questionable grades and recs, though.

resolves yes if accepted, no if waitlisted / rejected, and n/a otherwise (intuitively)

questions about app are welcome

EC's mentioned above

gpa: 4.20 weighted;

AP's: world, stats, mechanics, calc bc, us;

sat: 1570

short responses: not bad, but I think i didn't focus on math enough

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You just gotta play the waitlist game now, good luck!

unfortunate 😭 , good luck with other colleges

unfortunate :sob: :sob:

Good luck!

bought Ṁ30 NO

probability of acceptance after deferral is ~1%

this is false

@DottedCalculator i am pretty sure it is not

@ashly_webb Then bet this market down to 1%

@DottedCalculator well the applicant is clearly above average so the generalization doesn't apply

yes you will, go queen

answer as many or as few as you want

  • what are your other extracurriculars?

  • how questionable are the grades and recs?

  • APs?

  • GPA?

  • SAT?

  • how strong do you feel your short responses were?

predicted NO

yeah, will def resolve on pi day, regardless of waitlist success

What happens if you get off the waitlist? Or will you definitively resolve the market on pi day

bought Ṁ100 of NO

i agree with this analysis

bought Ṁ10 of NO

ftr, i do feel badly taking NO positions on you kids getting into your dream schools :(

@mattyb TBF, not getting into MIT does not prevent subsequent success

bought Ṁ20 NO from 39% to 38%