New York residents: has your state collapsed?
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I want to know if the American State of New York has collapsed or is still functioning. I will give 50M for each person which gives a credible report on its status.

While I prefer people who are currently residing in the state, anyone who has been in New York for a sufficiently long period of time within the last/current week is also eligible. The main criteria is that you’re able to provide an eyewitness account.

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I live in NY and the state has not collapsed.


Wake up, look out the window to check. Yes, the tallest building in the Western hemisphere is still there.

Walking around outside, checked on the brownstones. They're still worth millions of dollars.

Saw a room of tiny children with their mothers listening to guy singing and playing the guitar.

People still gainfully employed in the trades.


Those other commenters must be reporting from Jersey, because things in SOHO have taken a turn for the worst.
My local bagel shop banned me when I ordered a scooped bagel, and Momofuku closed, so I'm surviving off hot dog cart water and whatever pizza I can steal from the rats on the subway. One of 'em pulled a gun on me.

Inflation is about 1000%, give or take, and these woke bureaucrats have been adding extra days to the calendar, WITHOUT overtime, so we're working for peanuts.
I heard they're about to coupe the mayor, but I don't know why, there's no place to find parking here, it's literally IMPOSSIBLE.

It's gotten so bad, the government said "nuh uh, taxes ain't enough," and are just outright stealing from us. They even stole $400 Million Dollars from this one fella. He says he didn't do nothing, and ionno, but even if he did, ain't that messed up? If they can do that to him, what are they gonna do to us?

So yeah, it's totally collapsed over here. My friend NOHO Hank, who I met through my sister, he lives on the other side of the state and says it's even worse, so I'm staying down here.

But yeah, to answer your question, it's totally collapsed.


I live here in NYC. Things are good! Quality of life is largely the same as a year ago


I live in Rochester, NY and have not heard a single piece of debris hit the ground. Not saying it is heaven here, but it is much like last year.


im here and it's fine, what do you want to know? (NYC)

Thanks to everyone who participated!