Will Skrillex release exactly two albums during 2023?
resolved Jan 1

Skrillex has released a bunch of singles recently, and there has been some hints that two different albums might get released this year.

This resolves YES only if Skrillex releases exactly two albums during 2023. The release has to be placed under "Albums" on Spotify, EPs and Singles are not counted.

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Every week this gets more and more likely.

If more than two are released how does this resolve? We already have two.

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@AlexWilson This resolves NO if there is another album released this year, I'll update the title to reflect that

There has been more rumors and hints that there might be even two more albums this year.

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Okay so the DGTC album has already been released and we have 2 albums this year:


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I saw some additional rumors that there might be a B-side to this album, and if that is released as an album + the DGTC album gets released this year we'll actually have three which will cause this to resolve to NO.

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What’s your favourite song of the recent singles?

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@yunglady Definitely Rumble, although I also like Torture Me from late last year a lot!

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@nollfem Literally the two tracks I would’ve picked <3