When will Groups be added back?
closes Oct 31
Later / Never

Resolves Yes if they bring back some form of a description page for Groups/Categories/Tags/Topics(??) where you can put info about what kind of a group this is, what markets/questions(?) can be added, what are the rules, prizes etc. Has to be easily accessible.

i will abandon this god forsaken website if they don't 😠 💢

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ian avatar
Ian Philipssold Ṁ10 of Later / Never YES

How would this resolve if Dashboards fulfill the role you're looking for?

11 replies
Joshua avatar

Do they have leaderboards?

ian avatar
Ian Philips

@Joshua no, tags do, so if you want to make a tournament you'll have to use both a tag and a dashboard

nickten avatar

@ian sounds like these dashboards would fulfill the description criteria

description page for Groups/Categories/Tags/Topics(??)

thus i don't care how you call them for many names have been used

ian avatar
Ian Philips

@nickten To be clear they will be separate features, afaict dashboards won't directly support tags, so you'll have to combine tags and dashboards to achieve the tournament experience

ian avatar
Ian Philips

I'm also not clear on how markets will link back to dashboards, yet.

Joshua avatar
Joshuabought Ṁ10 of October YES

I was wondering this.

Joshua avatar

I imagine if you're making a market for a tournament, you might now need to put a link to the tournament dashboard in the description? Would that count @nickten ?

ian avatar
Ian Philips

@Joshua I'm not sure if they'll start out with backlinks but I imagine that's a planned feature

nickten avatar

@Joshua yeah i'm pretty sure that would count. We'll see what these dashboards look like. I guess this market is now just betting on whether my needs will be satisfied

therefore i will not bet

Joshua avatar

Hey do they count?

nickten avatar

@Joshua good question. no mods/admins, tags for leaderboards separate, no posts other than the sidebar thingy.... I guess i'm leaning towards reluctantly accepting this as a replacement for groups, but i'd like to see people actually use them.

i'm waiting on the daily stocks people, poker people and some others to see if they start using them. also if manifold adds more things to dashboards.

i dunno this is a dumb market don't bet on it 🤷

evergreenemily avatar

Wait, that got removed??? Why???

2 replies
ian avatar
Ian Philips

@evergreenemily It's helpful to have a 'tag' primitive and something more customizable. Topics/groups are just tags now and @IngaWei is building dashboards to handle the more customizable, feature rich use cases for groups

evergreenemily avatar
evergreenbought Ṁ5 of October YES

@ian Ah, makes sense. I've been excited for the dashboards for a while.