Will AAPL hit $200 before hitting $100?
resolved Jun 12

Will resolve YES when AAPL (Nasdaq) closes above $200. Will resolve NO when AAPL (Nasdaq) hits $100.

Close date updated to 2025-01-01 12:59 am

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@nic_kup Resolves YES, thanks.

cc @mods

Sorry, was a bit late. Thanks!

Not at all, I usually can wait a day or so, it's just some other market going nuts where I was desperate to trade in.

Fair enough!


@nic_kup hey could you please resolve? i’d love to use the liquidity in this crazy silly tsla market. thanks!

predicted NO

after the first misstep, maybe a wider range is better


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Resolution criteria in description doesn’t mention anything about hitting $100 to resolve NO. Given that description, title should be “Will AAPL hit $200 by end of 2024.”

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ok made my own

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predicted YES

@deagol I updated the description... My bad for being imprecise

@nic_kup will you extend or NA if neither happens this year? thanks

Calls at 200 (for eoy) are 3.47, puts at 100 are 2.20. this isn't a precise approximation for several reasons, but basing a ballpark on this, seems like it should be closer to 2:1 than 5:1 odds

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