Will I spot a pigeon this week?
resolved Jun 12

Starting today, I will be on the lookout for a pigeon. I do not consciously seek out pigeons, though recent animosity with the species prompts me to.

Must be consciously aware of pigeon, can be any species of pigeon as long as it is pigeon. Must be in-person pigeon, pigeon cannot be a fraud pigeon — image of pigeon or duck named “pigeon” don’t count.

Resolves YES if I do, indeed, spot a pigeon. (Even if the week has not concluded)

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Oops this closed a while ago, will resolve to YES now

Turns out that there was indeed one on the very last day!

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Helisconepredicted NO

Have you yet seen a pigeon?

3 replies
muffins avatar

@Heliscone No, surprisingly! Will be betting on tomorrow though, it's somewhat (?) likely

Heliscone avatar
Helisconepredicted NO

@muffins Ah, there is no need to take a walk tomorrow... it's so bright, so sunny, so much better to stay inside away from windows that might be infested with avian creatures.

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@Heliscone Mmm, I’m afraid that I must be infected with an avian creature regardless — a motorized one, that is!

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Oracle of Osaka
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Will you be bringing strychnine?

1 reply
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@Heliscone HAHA I don't have that, though if you manage to have some...