Will Alice become friends with her former partner Bob's new girlfriend Carol?
Nov 13
M$65 bet
-Bob and Carol have been dating for several months -Alice and Bob aren't dating anymore, but are still close friends -Alice and Bob are close friends with Bob's former partner Dodo* and Alice's former partner Eve, who are also close friends with each other -Carol is friends with Eve -Alice wants to be friends with Carol, but doesn't know her very well and is kind of shy -Alice and Carol live on opposite coasts, but visit patterns thus far suggest they'll occasionally be in the same place along with various subsets of the people named *Alice claims this is the canonical D name. Market resolves to Yes if Alice and Carol both consider themselves to be friends by 6 months from now.

tcheasdfjkl bought M$5 of NO13 days ago

I think I'd bet yes if the timeline were a year rather than 6 months; 6 months is just fast to make friends, especially with living far away

Austin 13 days ago

Haha I wish we supported images directly but a hotlink here will have to do: https://xkcd.com/1323/