Will Apple resume advertising on X before July 1st, 2024?
Jul 2

This market will resolve YES if credible media reports that Apple has resumed advertising on X. This will also resolve YES if multiple credible users publically report that they see ads for Apple on X.

This market will resolve NO if on July 1st, the conditions for YES are not met.

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It is not profitable to advertise on Twitter/X

Traders, this has become my most active market. Thus, I have created two sister markets for the other two big companies that halted advertising on X. I will also be subsidizing them by Ṁ150 each. Happy trading!

predicts YES

Tim Cook is still posting consistently. It is likely that Apple will resume as well: https://x.com/tim_cook/status/1744362067786682797?s=20

bought Ṁ100 YES from 39% to 42%


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