Will the Elfstedentocht take place in 2022-2023?
resolved May 27

This question resolves to "YES" if the Elfstendetocht (the Dutch long-distance skating tour) is held at any time in winter/spring 2022-2023, i.e. before June 2023.

The Elfstendentocht occurs only when the ice is declared to be suitable, and its exact date is determined by the ice conditions. The most recent Elfstendentocht was in 1997. The ice conditions were suitable in spring 2022 but due to covid restrictions no contest was held. This question only resolves to "YES" if the contest actually takes place.

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Wie Danpredicted NO at 2%

resolve? it's spring

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@WieDan Goeie weer eh. Maar ik resolve in Juni, om zeker te zijn

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Wie Danpredicted NO at 8%


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@WieDan Goeie weer eh. Maar ik resolve in Juni, om zeker te zijn

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50 op ja! soort van hedge tegen de groningse gasvelden

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