Who will win Survivor 46?
Aug 1
Kenzie Petty
Maria Shrime Gonzalez
Charlie Davis

Resolves to the Winner of Survivor 46

Official cast: https://parade.com/tv/survivor-46-cast

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@jbca 🕳️

bought Ṁ10 Hunter McKnight YES

@jbca I wanted to dig myself deeper but now manifold is crashing whenever I try to open the betting UI for Hunter, specifically

@jbca I had that same problem when I wanted to set up limit orders on him 😂

@jbca Hope it gets fixed for you because I'll gladly take your money all day!

How are you all forming your opinions already?

@benmanns You can find video interviews on YouTube. And I know which ages & personality types are likely to struggle against the biases of a typical cast.

@benmanns also there are spoilers most seasons