Will critics like Rebel Moon: Part 2 any more than Rebel Moon: Part One?
resolved Apr 27
not off to a good start here [image]

Rebel Moon: Part One received an impressive 21% from RottenTomatoes Critics. Will critics like Part 2 any more than Part One?

Will Resolve if Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon: Part 2 - The Scargiver has a 22% or higher score on the Tomatometer one week after its Netflix release (April 26th).

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not off to a good start here

@mattyb My mild YES bet was purely based on the fact that maybe some critics who hated part 1 would skip reviewing part 2 lol

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@Ziddletwix I just figured it's really hard to be worse than 20%

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@VerySeriousPoster i’m in the Ziddle camp. I saw part one and there’s no way I’m tuning in for part 2 (especially when they mixed word and number in the titles!! Zack Snyder truly just doesn’t care anymore)

@mattyb yeah but i think where i was wrong is that I overestimated how much critics control what they review lol. i should have more respect for their hustle, reviewing bad movies.

@Ziddletwix i've got a friend living in australia currently and we share snyder nonsenseb back & forth so if he moves back to the US next year (likely) I do want to sit down and watch the full endless director's cut of this, for the sake of it.

@Ziddletwix who is signing on as an actor for Snyder films at this point?? like I watched both of these because they exist but there's no heart in them. when the short blurb says from "the filmmaker behind 300, Man of Steel, and Army of the Dead" that's not a good thing, like wtf. 300 is the only decent movie on the list and that's not because it's at all a good movie but it was cultural and stylistic touchpoint

@mattyb I love reading reviews for garbage movies. When a critic hates a movie I feel like they put 3x as much effort into their writing.

I understand it though, watching Five Nights at Freddy's made me stew on all the nasty things I'd say about it when I finally got to leave the theater.

@Stralor I haven't watched 'em but when I hear Anthony Hopkins in the trailer I'm reminded of his iconic quote about his work in "Thor":

I wrote N.A.R. in my script, for no acting required. I let the armor act for me on the sets. I showed up and put on my voice, and that was about it. I really enjoyed it.

Some (legendary) actors really enjoy dressing up in a costume and getting paid for it.

@Stralor I mean, scrolling through IMDb the only name is recognize is Anthony Hopkins. A paycheck is a paycheck, and Snyder has a devoted fanbase, so you can't be sure going into it that the movie is going to be 💩

@VerySeriousPoster Michael Caine put it best

@mattyb It's always a dice roll with bad movies. Cats and Jupiter Ascending are entertaining as hell... Morbius and Fantastic Four (2015) shaved a few years off my lifespan.

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