Bad Boys 4 [June 7th]
Inside Out 2 [June 14th]
Kinds of Kindness [June 21st]
The Bikeriders [June 21st]
A Quiet Place: Day One [June 28th]
Despicable Me 4 [July 3rd]
MaXXXine [July 5th]
Twisters [July 19th]
Deadpool & Wolverine [July 26th]

For each movie listed as an answer, it will Resolve YES if the critics score is higher than the audience score for a movie 1 week after its US release date, and NO otherwise. If both the critics score and audience score at the same 1 week after the domestic release of a film, it will Resolve 50%.

Be wary, we’re comparing single apples to bushels of apples here. The critics score is an aggregate of critics sentiment (yay or nay), which are averaged. So if 99 people rated a film as a 65%, and 1 person rated it a 55%, the critics score will be a 99%, as 99% of critics felt the film was “not bad”, i.e. scored it above 59%. RottenTomatoes audience score is a proper arithmetic mean of ratings out of 5stars. Hope that helps!

I’ll add more movies later in the year.

Here’s the RT page for each of the listed movies:

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@mods mattyb market, needs mods to resolve, furiosa can resolve.

it's close, so could depend on the time of day.

checked the wayback machine—using the latest snapshot as a default, it's tied 90% each, so I think that's fairest and this should resolve 50% as a tie. (if you look at the morning, it looks like you could see RT critics at 91%, so this would be at 100%, I think EOD seems fairest but up to you. i removed my bet on this one)

@Ziddletwix I think it should be based on where it was exactly 1 week after release, since "1 week" is the only specification for the time frame. So it should be based on where it was on midnight, May 31. Timezone, I would base on the timezone the market appears to be created in (Pacific).

@PlasmaBallin well IIUC, that'd be 7am greenwich, which i think is how wayback calculates its timestamps (?), and the only logs are at 1am and 12pm (, both similarly far away and they seem to disagree, 91% and 90%. i have the review count in order but it only shows the date added, not exactly when they were logged. so imo it seems to have been 90% for most of the day so i'd probably stick with that (i.e. if mattyb had randomly checked during the day i think he would have seen that), but up to you tbh, the 1am log is the last thing we see (and that was 91%)

Thanks for doing the research @Ziddletwix

IF resolves NO

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes [May 10th]
bought Ṁ226 Kingdom of the Plane... YES

1 week after release, critics score is higher than fans, resolves YES

Just want to clarify something which is mentioned in the description. The RT audience score also works in a similar manner to the critic score. As you can see from the following screenshot from their site, they use the same (yay or nay) style for aggregating audience reviews with 3.5 stars as the benchmark for where 'fresh' begins.

The Fall Guy [May 3rd]
bought Ṁ150 The Fall Guy [May 3rd] NO

resolves NO

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare [April 19th]
bought Ṁ285 The Ministry of Unge... NO

can resolve NO

Monkey Man and Civil War each go to team Critics

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