Will any of I, @tom, or @monica tap out in Vegetable Valentine's 2023?
resolved Feb 15

On February 14 (tomorrow), I and two friends of mine plan to go on a date with the void: we will each go on lie down in separate beds with earplugs and a blindfold on inside a quiet room and avoid talking, eating, using any kind of device, unnecessarily moving about, or generally doing anything other than sitting alone with our thoughts. Bathroom visits and drinking water are permitted where necessary, but removing the blindfold during them is not. We will continue this until an alarm goes off 24 hours later (we can't check the time ourselves, of course) or we tap out from psychological unpleasantness. (In particular, we won't be socializing with one another in any way - the synchronization is just for solidarity.)

This market will resolve YES if any party gives up on the experiment before the conclusion of the 24-hour timer, and NO if all three of us make it.

If any of the three people fail to start the experiment, or if it is interrupted due to unusual factors outside of our control (e.g. a fire alarm goes off in the building), it will resolve N/A.

Some logistical details of the protocol may be changed - if e.g. earphones/earbuds prove to be really uncomfortable, or the blindfold slips off for a few seconds, that would not be treated as a failure - but we will be adhering faithfully to the vibe of the protocol above.

All parties are rationalist nerds in their twenties and have at least a mild amount of social status riding on not chickening out (but not any really serious incentive).

This experiment was partially inspired by https://mattlakeman.org/2020/12/08/the-24-hour-do-nothing-challenge/ and https://mattlakeman.org/2020/11/08/the-blind-alone-and-confused-for-24-hours-challenge/.

None of us will buy YES shares or sell NO shares (or trade at all once the experiment has started, since that would involve taking any actions whatsoever).

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gosh I am only belatedly seeing this but am now very curious what this was like

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Someone will probably get hungry.

What the actual fuck.