How many seats will the European People's Party Group (EPP) win in the 2024 European Parliament (EP) elections?
Jun 6
Fewer than 145
Between 145 and 159
Between 160 and 174
Between 175 and 189
Between 190 and 204
More than 204

From GJOpen and resolves the same.

The EPP is currently the largest political group (i.e., party) in the EP (Politico, Politico - Poll of Polls). In the event of the renaming of a political group or its fragmentation into two or more parties, further instructions will be provided. The question will be suspended on 5 June 2024, with the elections scheduled for 6-9 June 2024 (Economist, European Parliament - Elections). In the event of a tie, the political group with more total votes in the elections will be considered to have won more seats. The outcome will be determined on the day of the first meeting of the Tenth European Parliament.

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186 provisionally at the moment. GJOpen has not resolved yet.

bought Ṁ1 Between 175 and 189 YES

173 according to the latest polls.

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