Will I hit a 130 kg bench press on my next powerlifting meet in Q2 2024?
resolved May 12

Official IPF classic meet, at least two white lights needed for yes resolution.

Current bench progress (official meet results only):

2022-09-04: 110 kg
2022-11-12: 112.5 kg
2023-03-18: 120 kg
2023-05-14: 122.5 kg
2023-09-02: 127.5 kg
2023-11-18: 125 kg

(Attempted 130 kg but failed in Q4 2023 meet, probably would have had 127.5 kg had I attempted it, but my attempt selection was 117.5 kg, 125 kg and 130 kg)

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have you attempted 130kg outside of meets + result?

@Pzet Nope, heaviest singles I do out side of meets are at RPE 8. It fluctuates a bit from week to week, but best single in the last month is 122.5 kg @8.

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Title mentions bench but description mentions squat progress. Are those both right?

@ButYouDisagree Oh, sorry, copied the meet dates from my squat question and changed the weights, but not the word "squat". Those are the bench numbers, will update.