Will I run five parkrun 5k races before the end of 2024?

"parkrun" is a free, volunteer-organized 5k race series held at the same time each week around the world. I ran two parkruns in Sept 2023. As part of a fitness program, I want to run more of these races regularly.

Question will be resolved "YES" if I complete (not just start) five parkruns by Dec 31, 2024. Updates with results will be posted as I complete these.

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3/2/24 - first one done - 24:50 at Jamaica Pond parkrun #234 --- 4 to go

Jamaica Pond parkrun results for event #234. Your time was 00:24:50.Congratulations on completing your 3rd parkrun and your 3rd at Jamaica Pond parkrun today. You finished in 28th place out of a field of 125 parkrunners. You were the 16th male and came 3rd in your age category