Will our new fence keep the deer out of our back yard?
Jun 16
M$17 bet
Resolves to YES if we don't see any evidence of deer in the back yard between now and June 15th. We live a block from a forest preserve, and the deer regularly grazed through our yard last year. The new fence only blocks the rear of the yard (closest to the forest preserve), while neighbors' fences block the two sides of the yard. But in principle deer could still walk up the driveway to get to the back yard. (Or they could jump over, but it's around 6ft high).

jw 21 days ago

They are also around 6ft high, and connected to ours. All paths to the back yard are blocked by ~6ft high fences, except the driveway. The last 20ft of the driveway doesn't have any plants on either side, and terminates visually in the detached garage, but once you get to the garage you can walk across the patio to the back yard. Deer are regularly present on the street in front of the house (connected to the driveway), but they come from the forest preserve in the direction of the rear of the house.

Murloc Knight 23 days ago

How high are the neighbor’s fences? Are they connected to yours?