Will I GM a tabletop RPG this summer?
Sep 1
M$20 bet
This questions resolves to "YES" if I am the game master (GM) for any tabletop RPG (such as D&D) between now and the beginning of September 2022. Otherwise, it resolves to "NO". Right now I'm interested in running one, but these take a fair amount of time to run well, and I need to find a group of players who want to join. There's also a good chance that I join a campaign as a player, which will probably make me less interested in running a campaign as GM.
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Check out Quest! https://www.adventure.game/ I immediately switched from D&D to Quest after discovering it as a beginner DM. Much more accessible for both players and GM. Digital version is free! They also designed Mischief Mountain as a one/two session adventure which I ran recently if you have any questions. https://www.adventure.game/adventures/mischief-mountain/