If I choose to distribute Raikoth beads at Manifest, how many people will make one and wear it?
closes Sep 26

I'm considering setting up a stand at Manifest to make your own Raikoth symbolic beads. I would likely keep it simple, with some fixed beads and options for establishing other bead signals (but no charity beads).

If I do create such a stand, then this question resolves to the number of people who I see make a symbolic bead necklace and then put on the necklace before the end of Manifest (not necessarily just at the stand).

If I do not create such a stand, this question resolves N/A.

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DaveK avatar
Dave Kbought Ṁ10 of 20-50 YES

I'm supportive of ritual. it's the problem of the 21st century.

JSD avatar

I think i'd also make one, if it's <5min and I like how they look.

saulmunn avatar
Saul Munn

i’d make one (& depending on how it looks/how i like it, i’d wear it too!)