Will an Amtrak Avelia Liberty trainset make a routine passenger run before Jan. 1, 2025?

The Alstom-manufactured Avelia Liberty trainset is Amtrak's replacement for the Acela Express trainset currently in service on the Northeast Corridor. The railroad has ordered 28 of them and several of them have already been delivered. (There are more than a half dozen Avelia Liberty trainsets sitting in the Penn Coach Yard in Philadelphia as of Nov. 26, 2023.)

But manufacturing issues have slowed their rollout. The trains were supposed to go into service in 2021 but are three years behind schedule, according to an Amtrak inspector general's report. The report said the trains have defects and the company is behind in validating a computer model meant to ensure the trains can operate safely.

I plan to rely on news coverage and possibly passenger reports posted online to determine if these trains are being used for regular service before the end of 2024.

This market will resolve NO if the only runs made by these trains are for testing or for carrying special dignitaries and politicians.

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"Amtrak officials said late Friday that the new trains, which had failed an extended series of computer modeling tests, had passed on the 14th try and had been cleared by the Federal Railroad Administration to begin testing on the tracks that run from Washington, D.C., to Boston."

The New York Times, Jan. 13, 2024

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