Will Manifold solve the "user cred" problem by the end of 2022?
Jan 1, 2023
M$80 bet
Everybody loves having internet points that say how cool they are. M$ in your wallet is *nice*, but given that people can just buy M$ with real $, it isn't fully satisfying. Likewise for e.g. total profit--it's obviously an improvement, but I kind of suspect it has a lot to do with how much leverage you have, i.e. are you willing to spend $ on M$. Will Manifold figure out a satisfying internet points number to show us about ourselves and each other, by the end of the year? Resolution criteria: I look upon their solution and see that it is good (or not). Willing to be influenced by group opinion on this matter.

agrippa 11 days ago

Yeah I was thinking about this too. It's sort of weird -- it seems obvious that what I am trying to accumulate in a play money market is reputation, yet in this case I can just buy reputation coin.