Will Audrey Hale, the Nashville Covenant School shooter's manifesto mention "trans genocide"?
Dec 31
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I am selling my investment before the value of Mana is decreased to a tenth of its current value on May 15 2024.

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If any predictors have proof, please feel free to post to interpret for a resolution

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@SirCryptomind IMO it's premature, the full manifesto has not been published yet, and there is no reason to interpret the question as being about the first 2 pages published.

@CodeandSolder Fair enough. I unresolved any that were "manifesto" related.
Since the creator has long been AFK, pretty much close to abandoned some would say, that I interpreted it as by the close date.

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@SirCryptomind while I'm quite profitable overall on the series I'd say they should N/A if resolving today, but I think extending them is probably the best option

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@CodeandSolder I agree with codeandsolder, we'll know eventually and I want to flex about how I was right

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I was expecting these markets to be extended. I think they should be.

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@Shump I extended the manifesto ones, dunno about the "will it be revealed" ones


It does mention "white privilege" and "crackers" though.

@Shai that's clearly not the whole thing, those are single pages from two different notebooks, with one clearly showing other pages exist

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Sounds like it's spicy...

@Shai I don't trust Glenn Greenwald as he thinks Alex Jones is a good journalist and has encouraged him to keep running Infowars

You are sick in the head my guy

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