Are women as smart as men (on average)?
Dec 31

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The way I usually think about it is
1. People with reduced cognitive abilities are in greater risk of dying due to silly mistakes.
2. Acting on impulse can lead individuals to make silly mistakes.
3. Young men are more impulsive than women.
This would mean that dumber men die in a greater proportion than women, so given the general population men would be on average slightly smarter than women since the dumber ones died earlier.


Would #1 not apply to young women with reduced cognitive abilities are more likely to be killed by men with the characteristics you mention in #2 and #3?

Hence, negating the effects.

Dumb dudes kill.

Dumb chicks get killed.

@semimoore I was thinking mostly about people getting themselves killed in dumb accidents, like how dumber people are more likely to drink and drive, try to pull off reckless stunts likely to go wrong and so on. Taking into account people with reduced cognitive abilities interacting with each other and putting each other at risk, I don't see how women would get killed more. In a woman vs man fight the woman is more likely to lose, but in a man vs man fight a man is going to lose, and I believe those are more frequent.

But I haven't read much about men-women differences in intelligence and I'm going off reasoning based on my priors, so I'm probably wrong. It could also be that, because of #2 and #3, men hurt themselves more without dying but suffering from a loss in their cognitive capacities, and when you weight it all women are smarter on average.


If we can agree that intelligence is strongly correlated to income, and we can agree that women from lower economic classes are far more often the victims of male violence, we can agree it's a possibility.

Not definitively, but plausibly.

I also agree with all that you said about accidents, murders, just basic shit dumb dudes do.

I suppose the earlier in one's life that intelligence can reliably be measured would negate the dummies Darwin effect.

What age is it possible to measure intelligence? I've heard 2 but I've seen 2 year old eat dog poo, so like wtf


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On average

@ice IDK the answer for sure but this article makes me think maybe not


The smartest person you know (bte) and the dumbest person you (ice) are BOTH male.

This is always the case... the greatest genius and the biggest fool have a 🐓

@jim I'll have my worker read it to me today after activities. Thanks 😀

@ice nothing truer. Higher variance in male intelligence. But maybe it doesn't all come out in the wash, and men are smarter in the end. Have fun today 😆

@jim if IQ is rigged, i have no clue how to measure smartness. Probably it is just an useless concept when applied to extremely diverse populations living in starkly different conditions (so optimizing for different skills).

@a2bb it's probably rigged but not fatally. You can make one that's not rigged by just ignoring sex when you're making the test


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