Will Anchor Steam beer be in production on 10 July 2024?
resolved Jul 11
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Resolved NO since news articles in the last couple of months report that, while the company has been acquired, the timeline for restarting operations is more like the end of the year. While some product may still be available for purchase, it seems to be inventory from before production shut down last summer.

big shoutout to @strutheo for hitting the street to get eyes on bottles!

Found it pretty readily in NYC stores if they have a beer selection. idk if this number helps us

I don't think that's a date ? It says pkg number instead of best by or anything similar . Also that would be pretty old lol (if its pkging date i guess same question, are all these stores selling a run from 2022 still?)

jesus lol theyre all still using old stock ... rip

idc enough to run out for another data point unless someone else does

Seems like I can go ahead and resolve NO, right?


we might need an NA on this - title and description says 'in production' which it still is, as i can get it and it is actively being sold. but these articles refer to 'operations' ? @jcb

(could be - operations in a city or region? operations at a certain scale they used to work at? etc)

How certain are you that you can buy it? I have not seen any Anchor beer on a store shelf in quite a while. Searching Instacart with a location in San Francisco turns up places that claim to have Anchor Steam for sale, but they all look like small stores that probably don't keep their inventory up to date in the Instacart system. Have you actually seen it in a store?

(Also it's theoretically possible that inventory remains from before things shut down last summer, though this seems unlikely).

ill walk around tmrw . assuming i find it though, is the assumption that its old inventory? is it even worth the effort

Hm. I don't really want to make the assumption that it's old inventory. But I'm not sure how to prove or disprove that possibility. Hopefully there's none on the shelves and I don't have to figure out how to handle that case 😅 😰.

Also, if you want to attempt a purchase via instacart or uber eats or something, I will happily "fund" it by donating 2x your cost to a charity of your choice.

maybe they list production date hmm

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"What to watch: Ulukaya told the Chronicle that he would like to resume operations in time for Christmas, but the company first needs to get approval from the city.

  • Ulukaya has already met with some city officials, including Mayor London Breed, who told the Chronicle she's "grateful for his commitment to being a part of the future for our city" and keeping Anchor's beer "right here where it belongs."

Highly doubtful that it's currently in production.

how am i still able to buy it then. i think that there is a difference between operations and production, or at least there must be some more detail on what 'operations' means?

You are likely being sold old beer. This thread from r/Sanfrancisco seems to confirm that it's not being produced anymore: https://www.reddit.com/r/sanfrancisco/comments/1dgoy0h/anchor_steam/

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i can walk into multiple stores and buy it still, i can get it delivered to my step right now through uber eats, and the company was purchased and still operates. i dont see how that counts as a NO?

June 28 article: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/a-good-billionaire-bought-anchor-brewing-what-happens-to-its-union/ar-BB1p3TAw

Ulukaya told the San Francisco Chronicle he had met with four former employees on an undisclosed date, and wants to get production up and running as soon as possible. But crucially, as of this writing, unionized workers have not heard from Ulukaya. “It’s great that he bought it, and that he’s on record saying that he wants to bring us back,” says Costello. “But no, we haven’t been reached out to yet. We’re trying every possible avenue to get this guy to actually come sit down and talk with us.”

Doesn't feel very promising for operations being up and running on July 10.

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Found this thing that says that they sell Anchor Steam beer

I don't think that provides any new evidence: as far as I can tell from archive.org, that page hasn't changed since June 2023.