When will Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail be released?
resolved Mar 23
June 2024
May 2024 or earlier
July 2024
August 2024
September 2024 or later

Dawntrail is said to be released in "early summer". Announcement of a release date is expected some time in January, so the question closes at the end of this year. In the case of early access (i.e. with preorder), the earliest date the expansion is accessible will be used.

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Finger on the trigger if they announce it during the current presentation!

Hoping to see resolution tomorrow. Just as a clarification: I consider the early access date the "release date" as that's when people will be able to play the game.

@jade oh wait i already said that in the description

oops need to extend it again. ill extend to past pax east

still waiting on this announcement zzz. if you're interested in the pax east thing, see my related market https://manifold.markets/jade/will-final-fantasy-xiv-dawntrails-r

Some are speculating we'll get an announcement at pax east, let's hope so!

still no announcement, extending again

Release date announcement was delayed, i'll xtend this out another month

will likely see resolution criteria on this today

we should hopefully see a resolving answer to this next weekend

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