Will something bad happen as a result of the thing I did for the past twenty minutes?
closes Sep 29

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If I try to learn VIM, will I be glad I did?
April avatarApril
56% chance
Will I ever know how much licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?
KeenMack avatarKeen Mack
76% chance
Will I scream when paragliding during the vacations?
Dvorakgigachad avatarDvorak gigachad
65% chance
How many houseplants will I end up buying for my college dorm?
Kyle60d6 avatarKyle
Will I practice driving?
alleycat avataralleycat
56% chance
Will I get Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae?
KyleWan avatarHazepski
10% chance
Will I successfully climb a red problem at my climbing gym?
samb avatarsam
13% chance
Will I go to hell when I die?
IsaacKing avatarIsaac
35% chance
Will anyone give me a good suggestion on how to obtain cake?
IsaacKing avatarIsaac
29% chance
Will [my secret project] succeed, by my subjective estimate?
NicholasKross avatarNicholas Kross
29% chance
Will I feel fight-or-flight type fear because of tech swag I wear?
agentydragon avatarRai
37% chance
Will I get Fu Xuan?
KyleWan avatarHazepski
9% chance
Will I fuck around and find out?
TatianaSurver avatarTatiana Surver
80% chance
Will me or my brother read more Books this year?
If Bee switches from Vim to VScode, will she kick herself for not having done so sooner?
dreev avatarDaniel Reeves
66% chance
Will I determine that recording my dreams had some tangible benefit to my life?
Paul avatarPaul Hobbs
61% chance
What will be the first year that I will be able to generate a video of a kitten drinking out of a saucer of milk?
Will I start a business?
BenjaminIkuta avatarBenjamin Ikuta
55% chance
If I win the lottery, will it ruin my life?
IsaacKing avatarIsaac
18% chance
Will I ever be a proofnik?
Wobbles avatarWobbles
14% chance
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Dee Manpredicts YES

Has I got a q saying I’ll destroy markets on purpose????????

DeeMan avatar
Dee Mansold Ṁ4 of YES

am I messing with the odds yet

DeeMan avatar
Dee Manpredicts YES

You are doing me now so

DeeMan avatar
Dee Manbought Ṁ50 of YES

I’m bad I happened

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jacksonpolack avatar
jackson polackbought Ṁ10 of NO

i didn't do ya though

DeeMan avatar
Dee Manpredicts YES

@jacksonpolack As an action of the question yes you did