If Trump and Biden don't debate, who will chicken out?
No debate, Trump chickens out
No debate, Biden chickens out
Both do equally, or very unclear [will try to avoid this]
Debate goes through

I will use my judgement (or another moderator's if I bet and it's at all disputed) to judge who chickens out, because if it doesn't happen both of them will claim their opponent declined. So it may be subjective, and 'unclear' is thus only going to happen if it's very unclear.

Refers to debates before the presidential election

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[deleted repost]

What would be the resolution if Trump is willing to debate Biden, but does not want to solo debate RFK?


yes RFK doesn't matter here if trump and biden debate it resolves to 'debate'

@jacksonpolack but what if they both decide not to debate because they don't want to platform RFK.

What if Trump is willing to three way debate, but chickens on a 1v1 w/ rfk, while Biden chickens on any form of debate

markets on how many debates there will be