How long will TSLABull be making large (>50k) bets for, in the next 3 months?
Sep 13
He's almost done (last bet on Tuesday Jun 11 2024, pacific time)
One day, last bet on Wed, June 12
One week, last bet on or before Jun 18
Two weeks, last bet on or before Jun 25
One month, last bet on or before Jul 11
Two months, last bet on or before Aug 11
Three or more months

Resolves to the last time interval within 3 months when TSLAbull has bet >50k in a market on a single day

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Loving all the mini markets about me!

What happens if I bet here haha

feel free!

I feel like it would skew the other betters so I will probably stay out, we’ll see

bought Ṁ5 He's almost done (la... YES

does tslabull have to make large bets every day for three months?

sorry if i didn't write it well, basically in three months this resolves to the last bet he makes. so if he disappears for a month and then makes a 50k bet in 1.1 months it resolves to 2 months

bought Ṁ5 Three or more months NO

Jackson why are you making mini markets

I do not want to pay money for the answer to this question, I want to have fun betting on it?

ok ill just have fun betting my 5 manas