What do you want more of in the 'for you' home feed?
resolved Dec 5
Market movements
New markets from users you follow
Comments from users you follow
Bets from users you follow
New markets in topics you follow
Random older markets in topics you follow
Comments on markets you follow

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I would work super hard to get achievements like "has bet on all 190/190 of the 'Self-driving car' markets" for maybe my top 10 tags (tesla, fsd, midjourney, japan, china, san mateo, etc.)

As a bettor it's very important that I take a position in every one to test myself, even if small.

Then I would also love to see my overall "entered on the right side" rate by tag, as my kind of "ability" or score as it changes over time and I learn.

@ian Do you know what's the deal with all these markets with old bets from users that I'm following showing up in my feed? 12 days is a lot of time on Manifold, I don't think this should be happening.

@traders just fixed a bug that was preventing tons of cards from showing their probability movements. Now my feed is mostly market movements, haha. Let me know if there are too many! Or too few.

@ian RIP to the user 'traders'

@Eliza lol he's mine

I also want to generally see popular markets which I haven't seen before.

If I've seen it and bet or not, those are both bad indicators to show it to me again. I want high relevance from topics/follows, and high engagement and volume. That would be great.

I'd actually like to be able to view all the topics I like and make sure I've bet on all their markets; people keep making new markets in areas I care about a lot and I don't notice and miss out for a while!

"Random older markets in topics you follow" + add in "engaging", meaning, people who visit the market page have a high chance to bet.

This "engaging" concept and stat is VITAL. I want to see all engaging markets in tags I follow/bet in, people I follow. This will help filter out badly written or unclear markets, and will also make sure that markets which are fun to join get their needed exposure. I write a lot of markets with the purpose of letting people toss in 10m based on intuition and hope, then follow results. I'm trying to create useful, fun digestible content that makes you think! So I'd love if I could (find) and bet in more people's similar markets, and to have my own shared out that way too.

This is key to me. The popular image of prediction markets is that we bet on big issues like "will aliens be here by 2030" but if we don't surface those [existing] questions, they will never get bets.

I want the home feed algorithm to be much, much simpler than how it is right now. Ideally, the home feed would show markets from topics I follow, markets from users I follow, and perhaps a few updates on markets I've bet or commented on as well. (Since picking multiple options isn't supported in this poll, I went with "markets from users I follow" since that's the option I think would help the most.)

Currently, the "Notifications" tab is actually super duper better at helping me find the markets I want to bet in than the "Home" tab is. In fact, I barely even check the "Home" tab at all.

less sam altman talk would be nice

+1 on this interpreted as "more diverse markets" (especially at the top of the feed)

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