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Help me improve your home page! Tell me about your magical moments, frustrations, suggestions, and other random ideas for how to improve it.

Currently it works by:

  • Adding market probability movements for markets you've bet on, commented on, liked, or follow groups they're in

  • Adding markets that are recently trending that you've bet on, commented on, liked, or follow groups they're in

  • Adding new markets from followed users, groups and that have titles that are very semantically similar to markets you've bet on previously

  • Adding markets with comments or recent large bets by your followed users

  • Adding markets that are newly subsidized in groups you follow

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Right now, the home feed gives me only markets that I've seen many times, so I use "browse" almost exclusively. I think the biggest immediate change I would like to ask for is to reduce this kind of markets. There are some reasons why someone might want to see markets that they've already seen and bet on in the home page, but right now the algorithm is not doing that well.

Things that I am interested in seeing in the home page:
- Markets that haven't had bets on them for a long time, and therefore might need updating. By a long time I mean something like a month
- Markets that I've bet on and have recently moved a lot (but haven't been moved by myself! That's most of what I'm seeing right now)
- More new markets. From the current categories that are in the home feed, this is the one that I'm most likely to bet on.


Maybe there’s a way to remove these that I haven’t found, but I’d like my home feed to be rid of stuff like this (I tried “Uninterested” and “Block” even though I don’t really want to block people for this, but some variant still comes up)


Not a suggestion, but a bug report. For the past ~1 week my home feed has been completely broken, displaying the same 5 to 6 different markets, with no infinite scrolling or anything. Same behavior on mobile in-app and on desktop web.

I would also like to see more dashboards in my feed.

1) I don't really notice when new dashboards are added to the top of my feed, if those were called out explicitly (notification? card in the feed? red dot?) I would like that.

2) There are a lot of dashboards that are not at the top of the feed that are probably of interest to me. I would like a card for related dashboards. Something like the name of the dashboard and then the condensed market view of the top ~5 markets in the dashboard.

What I mean by the condensed market view:

(where multiple markets are in one card, no graph view)

Create an agent that clusters all users by bet behavior, weighted by time, with more recent bets having higher weight, using something like k-means clustering, and map me onto that cluster based upon my own betting behavior vs. the betting behavior of others, then show me markets that I haven't bet on which are close to my behavior in euclidian distance. Have the ability to click and turn on, "agent mode," vs., whatever your regular mode ends up being, similar to being able to lick the Twitter star thing that recommends content to you.

I think it would be nicer if the home was more organized rather than a barrage of markets.

I like the idea of home not being exclusively just different markets, but right now I can only come up with giving you biggest changes in value of your portfolio.

Great new finding: we haven't had a market movement or trending feed add since 11/7, so fixing this should improve everyone's feeds soon!

I would really like if the feed collected "Related markets" from the markets i've bet on and mixed those in. I find Related markets the most useful way of finding something new and relevant for me.

I'd rather see less vertical space per entry. Just the title & one value (the percent chance, bounty total, etc) is good. Or, if the purpose of the entry is to surface a interesting comment, just a few lines of that comment.

EDIT: I'm thinking about mobile view in particular.

This isn’t a home feed suggestion, but separating the portfolio into resolved and active markets would make it much more readable

I would like to see markets that are profitable to trade on. Often I see markets that are already well calibrated. Trending markets also tend to already be heavily traded on towards a consistent response. I would like to see markets where there are lots of disagreeing bets, where the market is uncertain and I can efficiently spend my mana to help calibrate the market.

I want news discovery.

If a market has moved more than usual, it has volume over a threshold, and it isn't in a category I've blocked, then I'd like to see it.

Both because I want the news, and because I want to trade related markets when there's breaking news.

Random idea but perhaps having an integration with the news feed would be interesting. Perhaps an icon you can click that can take you to a page with news about that topic. Not sure how to implement this in a way that others would like, and maybe having news integration would be better in the market itself.

30% confident this would be a good idea: allow users to define negative keywords. For example, I do not want anything related to US presidential politics because I don’t expect to have an edge. There was a time when was big, and I was never interested in investing the time to figure out what that was all about.

There are two major suggestions I have:

  1. Is to reduce the number of times a market comes up in my home feed. If I've scrolled past it three times already, or clicked on it but not bet, then that should indicate that I'm not interested.

  2. Add some variety outside of the usual things. Right now, if I bet on one or two political markets, chances are my home feed with be dominated by the same kinds of markets moving forward. It would be very nice if markets from outside of my interests (like brand new markets or popular markets that aren't in my usual categories) occasionally appeared in my home feed. This would give me a chance to try new things and give the home feed a chance to continually evolve.

I'm still pretty new to manifold but i haven't messed with the home page that much. It doesn't grab my attention because it seems like it doesn't show me things I'm actually all that interested in. I typically have to go searching for the markets that I actually want. Other forms of social media seem to learn what to place on your feed due to what you have been searching or participating in. Maybe one suggestion would be for Manifold to implement a similar feature.

Fewer markets that have been moved recently by people I follow - it trends pretty heavily towards very small movements or markets that have already been recently corrected. New markets are great, but somehow the system keeps getting confused about whether or not a market is actually new. I'd like to see more random markets, markets that have sat inactive, and markets that are in categories I'm interested in.

I feel like all that's been said, though, so while I'm on the topic of "categories I'm interested in," I think part of what needs work is the topics picker itself. When adding a question that isn't mine to a topic, I sometimes can't tell if I'm adding it to a Real Existing Topic or if I'm creating a new one: topics frequently don't load, and I can't tell if similarly-named topics affect each other in the system. When I see a question asked that's missing obvious tags, I do my best to add them, but if I'm just adding them to some personal list that only I'm working on, it won't help anyone. A more robust tagging system (maybe one that tags more topics on market creation) would inherently help put more relevantly tagged markets on the for you page.

Small bets by my followed users would also help me - even if my friends are only tossing ten mana to something it's probably still something I could generate an opinion on. Markets by creators whose markets I've bet on before might also be a good metric. Also, I follow fewer people than I would because I don't want to be innundated with notifications and emails, but if there were a friending metric that didn't do that you'd have more information about who I know and whose personal markets I know anything about, which would be good to use.