Will I finally come out to my family this year, and if so, when?
Dec 31
Yes, first half 2024
Yes, second half 2024
Yes, but by accidental outing
Yes, but only to Mum and her husband, not extended family

I'm in my early 30s and have suspected some degree of queerness since my late teens, but remained quiet about it for a very long time outside of close friends.

In the past few years I've finally come to realisations on the gender side of the queer umbrella and this has been the kick to make me realise I'm going to have to come out to the family sooner or later on both orientation and gender identity.

Currently I'm Out with friends and on most social media, but not with my family or coworkers.

Made it a goal to try and broach the topic this year, but in truth I am incredibly anxious and can easily see myself putting this off another year, especially as I have other Big Emotional Things that need to happen this year.

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You go girl! I remember hating living the pre-coming out anxious state, scared of being outed and mulling over what my relatives would say or think. Coworkers are easy, I would definitely recommend coming out to them as a first step as it should bolster your energy to continue doing so with your family.

I was just hanging out last night with a gay friend’s mom who told me that after he had come out to her, she could only support him because all parents want for their children is to live a happy life, and to be able to support them doing so. You’ll be amazed how more confident you’ll be after coming out, and you’ll also stop giving fucks about what people think about you.

My mana is on the first half of 2024.

I’ll quote another friend regarding the timing of the conversation: you get to it just like the urge to piss can come sometimes :)