This group showcases a collection of high-quality, important markets that demonstrate how prediction markets can be used on good object-level questions.

How this works

  • Every month, Trustworthy-ish folks (and Manifold employees) may showcase markets by adding them to this group

    • Markets should be on object-level important questions -- think "Metaculus-quality", "citeable by Vox", "important if true"

    • Each Trustworthy-ish user may showcase up to 3 markets per round

    • You can showcase your own markets, or markets created by others

    • You must include a comment on the market indicating why you showcased this market

  • Regular users may propose a single market to showcase as a comment in this market:

    • If 3+ trustworthyish folks like the market, it will also get showcased

  • Each showcased market gets a house subsidy of M$10k, making it worth it for whales to spend time forecasting the outcome

  • At the end of each month, Manifold users votes on which markets were the highest quality. The creators and showcasers of the top 5 markets each win an additional M$5k

  • Manifold core team reserves the right to change these rules and payouts to better fulfill the goal of highlighting great markets, or exclude markets that we feel are detracting from this group


  • Rounds will last about a month; the first showcase round runs Apr 21 to May 21

  • Future rounds may be themed, eg "Futarchy done right", "AI progress", "Pop culture"