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Fantasy Football

FFSX: The Fantasy Football Stock Exchange

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Stock Exchange! FFSX is an actual fantasy football league anyone can join to win real money “buying” and “selling” the stock prices of NFL fantasy players that directly correspond to their on-field performance. No buy-in required; $500 USD for 1st place in the 2022 season.

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How it Works

For this league, each fantasy-relevant QB, RB, WR, and TE will be represented by a “stock” that has its own prediction market asking how many fantasy points that player will score in the 2022-2023 NFL regular season. For example: the $CMC stock is represented by a market that crowdsources how many total PPR fantasy points Christian McCaffrey will score from Weeks 1-18.

See all available player stocks/markets on the “Markets” tab

The market/stock for a given player will open at a pre-defined number value, for example “350”, corresponding to the projected number of fantasy points expected to be scored by that player through the end of the 2022-2023 regular season.

At the end of the season, each market associated with this FFSX group/league will resolve to the final number of PPR points scored by that fantasy player. So, if Christian McCaffrey scores 300 points, the $CMC stock resolves to 300.

The most skilled league members will buy low and sell high throughout the season. For reference, here’s how the top 25 fantasy players scored last year:

See full 2021 PPR scoring results here.


The top 20 traders on the “Top traders” leaderboard at the conclusion of the 2022 regular season (sometime shortly after January 8th, 2023) will receive prizes in the following USD amounts:

  • 1st place: $500

  • 2nd place: $400

  • 3rd place: $300

  • 4th place: $200

  • 5th-10th places: $100 each

  • 11th-20th places: $50 each

The above prize pool has been graciously donated by Manifold Markets. No financial entry is needed or required to be eligible for prizes. If you are a prize winner, you will receive an email to the email associated with your Manifold Markets account requesting your details about where to send payment via Paypal or Venmo. Participants who respond to that email with payment details by January 31st, 2023 will be guaranteed payout, although the Commissioner will make every attempt to contact winners to ensure payouts are received.

Additional Details

  1. All markets will resolve to the number of fantasy points scored by the corresponding fantasy player according to FantasyData’s Fantasy Football Stats page with the following filters set:

    1. Season

    2. 2022

    3. Regular

    4. PPR

  2. Full PPR scoring criteria here. Note that final resolution does include scoring from Week 18. Any player scoring over 500 points will resolve “500”. Any player scoring fewer than 0 points will resolve “0”. Markets will resolve to the nearest whole number.

  3. This league begins immediately. The Commissioner expects to have markets for all fantasy-relevant players created by Sunday, August 28th, 2022 but most markets are expected to be created before then.

  4. New markets may be added from time to time for players who the Commissioner judges to have become fantasy relevant. To stay abreast of new markets, visit the FFSX group Markets tab and sort by “Newest”.

  5. There is no way to prevent league members from purchasing additional mana from Manifold Markets to increase the size of their portfolio beyond the M$1,000 default amount provided upon sign up, or to increase their portfolio size by gaining profits on other markets within the Manifold Markets universe. These league members may use these extra funds to increase their ability to bid in more markets at once or at higher amounts.

  6. Other members of the Manifold Markets community may interact with markets for this league. Only those who are members of the FFSX group and in the top 20 on the Top Traders leaderboard will be eligible to receive prizes.

  7. Like any financial market, this league highly rewards league members who are quick to react to news, including but not limited to injuries, trades, etc. League members who have skills making and updating player projections may also do well, especially if they know how to code against the Manifold API to automate trades.

  8. League chat will be on the Manifold Discord.

  9. Given that any Manifold Market member can join and add markets to this group/league, league members are encouraged to watch for and alert the group and Commissioner of any markets added to this group that should not be counted toward leaderboard stats. Any member found intentionally adding markets for their own benefit will be ineligible for any winnings. All legitimate markets will be created by the official @FFSX Manifold Markets account.

  10. The creation of multiple Manifold Market accounts for the explicit purpose of manipulating leaderboard profits or any other forms of collusion or distortion of the intent of this league will result in investigation and possible ineligibility for winnings. The Commissioner has final authority over all prize distributions. His account (@dglid) and the FFSX account (@FFSX) are ineligible for prizes.

  11. If you haven’t noticed by now, this is not a traditional fantasy football league. There is no draft, no rosters, no waivers, dynasty considerations, fantasy football-specific platform/app, etc etc. It’s just the smartest forecasters making profit on Manifold Markets by bidding up or down player stocks based on projected player performance.

  12. I (David Glidden) am the Commissioner of this league and can be reached either by tagging @dglid or by getting in touch @fantasyforecstr on Twitter or davdwglidden [at] gmail dot com.

  13. If you like this concept, you may be interested in joining the Fantasy Football (NFL) Manifold Markets group to participate in other fantasy football-related markets.

  14. This league concept is inspired by the Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX). An early version of this league idea was discussed by Scott Fish and Ryan McDowell on the Commission: Impossible Podcast Episode #60. Initial projections are set using Mike Clay’s season-long projections for ESPN.

Best Interest Clause

This league is a new experimental league conducting its first season in 2022. As such, the Commissioner reserves the right to adjust or modify rules at any time to serve the best interest of the league.