Carson's Bay Area Manifold Party (2/24 - Presidio)

If you are reading this "About" section, YOU are invited to attend an evening with manifold festivities, to be held this evening (Friday, February 24th) at 7pm in the Presidio of San Francisco. Please contact Carson at 816-695-1312 or Emily at 925-408-0301 for the exact address if you would like to attend - we will try to be responsive!

Have you ever been to a Manifold party before? Neither have I! Let’s figure this out together and have a lot of fun. 😊 The event will include food/drinks, games, socializing, market-creating, trading, and probably some market manipulation here or there. I would highly recommend reading the post How to Enjoy the Manifold Party, which provides an outline of what you can expect.

Once you are present, please fill out this Google Form which will help us to resolve certain markets related to the party demographics! You will have the option to stay anonymous and all questions are optional

Party Rules

  • Please do not open any doors with a “Please Do Not Enter” sticky note taped to the door

  • Shoes can be on or off if they are generally clean – as a rule of thumb, if you are visibly tracking dirt on the carpet, best to take them off

  • If you are finished with food / paper plate / drink / other trash items, please throw them away when you are finished

  • If you are under the age of 21, please do not consume alcohol

  • Smoking is not technically permitted in the Presidio, and we would prefer no smoking inside of the apartment. If you would like to smoke outside, we will leave that between you and the Presidio

  • We all want some of that sweet, sweet, mana #profit, but please try to keep emotions to manageable levels and only get carried away to a socially acceptable level

Ruler of Manifold

Throughout the event, the party attendee with the highest position on the leaderboard of this group will wear the "Ruler of Manifold" crown, to be admired and adored by all attendees. At any point, I have the option of excluding myself from being the Ruler of Manifold. Rules regarding deference to the wearer of the Ruler of Manifold crown are as follows:

  • The Ruler of Manifold must be addressed as "Your High Profitability" at all times

  • The Ruler of Manifold may demand that party attendees make predictions about their favorite topics or engage in prediction-related challenges to entertain them

  • If the Ruler of Manifold creates a market, all party attendees must trade on that market at least once

  • The Ruler of Manifold may request that other attendees bring them drinks or snacks as a sign of their power and royalty

  • The Ruler of Manifold has the authority to banish or pardon any guest from the party for any length of time (Carson has veto rights)

At the end of this important contest,

100% of the Manifold founders' ownership in Manifold will be transferred to the contest winner - the true "Ruler of Manifold".

I look forward to seeing you there!