Will Jimmy Carter vote in the 2024 US Presidential Election?
Nov 7

Just being alive isn't enough.

If he's dead before he can vote, it is NO

If he is alive, but too dead to vote it will resolve N/A without credible reports he voted.

A news story of Jimmy voting (or similar) is a clear YES

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"If he is alive, but too dead to vote" 🤔

Just to make sure we're 100% clear: if he casts a vote ahead of election day via mail, early voting, or some other procedure, but dies before election day....it still counts as voting?

@Eliza Good question! Early voting and mail-in ballots will be considered valid votes - even if certain Republicans disagree. JC has to show ID, however- he lives in a state that doesn't mess around.

(Photo ID required (strict): Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.)

Thank you for your questions and keep them coming because...

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We mean voting in the general election, correct? Primaries don’t count?

@SantiagoRomeroBrufau Correct. Nov. 5th