Will Destiny Reach 600K Subscribers By the End Of 2022?
resolved Dec 30

The question resolves to 'yes' if Destiny's main Youtube channel reaches, or exceeds, 600,000 subscribers by 2023-01-01

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DGG FCC/SEC analyst desk: at prices from a random Google result, botting would be worth it individually for someone who won more than M$15000. Between the three relevant markets, that narrows it down pretty much only to @Willa. That’s going to be my headcanon, but of course, it may have been done by a group of other people, or simply organic.

@yaboi69 DGG FCC/SEC analyst desk strikes again. @Willa, as the defendant, what is your public opinion on this claim from the analyst desk?

There were some "derivative" markets with decent volume eg https://manifold.markets/DesTiny/will-my-profit-be-above-1500-by-the (DesTiny's largest positions were in these '600k' markets), ofc i don't really think this one played any role.

If i had manipulated this, i would have been a lot more agressive i think, the sudden flip is kind of weird cos it left a ton on the table. Tho i suppose the idea was to spend nothing on actually buying mana, so i guess it does make sense in this case. I suppose Willa doesn't know they could have sold the mana OTC afterwards so it might have been worth the bother to buy the mana anyway and bid up the markets over time and claim way more and claim way more profits than they did.

Wp anyway Willa ;)

i'm onto you GeorgeVii 🔎 looking at all of your previous comments in this thread is sus

well boys im ngl if i was trading, i would've went all in on NO this past week. very surprised at the result o7

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he was at 598k yesterday

what the fuck happened

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Why hasn't this closed yet?

Next milestone?

1.5k profit imagine doubting OMEGALUL

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actual botting, it's unsportsmanlike

@killerbot definitely seems like it tbh.. but i guess we won't know for suer

Wow this was quite a market

@AlexKirigiya This looks like it should be able to resolve YES.

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he isn't even at 600k?

@Gustav Copium overload

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lol :D 🗡

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who botted