Will my t-shirt design end up being used for Manifest 2024 merch?
resolved Apr 26

I currently have no idea how much effort I will put in other than "some".

My art (not remotely representative of my t shirt designs) is here: https://scyy.fi/art

and previous t shirt designs I've made are here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/scyfer/shop

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I just took a look at your website and your art is stunning! I really like “Friends on a hike to Talapus Lake in Washington.”. It really made me feel like I was there. Incredible work!

@Nikos thank you!! ☺️

if we use it for e.g. stickers but not for The Main T-Shirt, does this resolve yes?

@saulmunn I'm going to say stickers no, any non-main tshirt yes

My designs will be used for non-main shirts, but I am resolving N/A because I think the title is misleading (i.e. I expect many of the traders to have used the "main merch" interpretation and not checked the comments) and it feels bad to resolve yes when I had mana riding on yes.

Update: I have put in 2 hours of work in (and don't know how much additional effort I will put in other than "at least an hour").

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crossposting a comment I made on the other market (per market poster's instructions):

I don't have anything finalized right now, so instead of posting a particular design here, I'll post a link to a tumblr page that'll get updated whenever I have a new favorite contender(s): https://refgal.tumblr.com/post/747336154281590784