Will the market cap of NVDA surpass MSFT before September 2024?
Aug 31

As of time of writing, market cap of MSFT is $3.018T and NVDA is $2.188T.

This question will resolve YES if at the end of a trading day, the market cap of MSFT is greater than MSFT.

Intraday does not count.

Please let me know in comments if you need any clarifications.

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@esusatyo Before September starts, correct? Thus the close of trading Friday, Aug 30 would be the last chance for YES. Yet the similarly-worded NVDA v. AAPL market closes on Sep 30?

@deagol Yes correct. I’ll adjust the other market.


MSFT: $3.142T

NVDA: $2.375T

32.29% difference in market cap.

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