Is cooperationism a scissor statement?
resolved Jan 18

Scissor statements are anti-memes, controversial to the point that you do not hear about them. They seem either obviously true or obviously false, and you move on with your day. But when you are talking to someone about it, it activates, and you can't even begin to immagine the other person is being serious in such an asinine statement.

I've had interactions with several people and by far, most answers are of the form

  • "Yeah, that makes sense"

  • "What, no, that is not how it works at all"

The latter usually said by pure negative utilitarians.

After publishing my post on cooperationism, I will judge the answers and see if it seems like a scissor statement. I will resolve YES or NO to the best of my judgement.

Potential YES updates:

  • Strong emotionality in the comment section

  • There are little statements like "I don't get it" or questions on how solid it is.

  • Someone is really uneased about me asserting this position

Potential NO updates:

  • It just seems like meaningless rambles to people

  • It seems like people I talk to/in the comment sections quickly converge on "yes this works" or "no it does not"

  • It is overall very uneventful

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