Will I get into Imperial College London?
resolved Mar 26

Resolves "YES" if I get an offer from Imperial College London.
Resolves "NO" otherwise.

Some background details:

I applied for Mathematics and Computer Science (GG41) at Imperial College London

I have not yet had an interview from Imperial College London
I currently hold an offer to study Computer Science at Trinity College, Cambridge

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Yeah I got rejected oops

@kindasus sames

bought Ṁ590 NO

@neb lol that’s my net worth gone. I started betting under the mistaken impression it was an undergrad application and people weren’t realising that the number of offers given out for each place greatly exceeds 1. Then rationalised the sunk cost after I realised it was for masters. A cautionary tale, when you see a hundred dollar bill check your eyesight.

@GoodGuesser uhhhh it was an undegrad application 💀

@kindasus I don’t know whether I’m batting or bowling then

Yeah I'm pretty sure it's joever ngl

@kindasus bro what r they doing 💀

@astyerche no idea lmao

@kindasus ngl we should pull up to the uni

@astyerche so true

@kindasus its joever ngl

bought Ṁ50 NO

Update: I still do not have an interview invite from the university

@Beacon me neither LMAOOO

Is this just about whether you get an offer, or whether you meet any requirements it’s conditional on (exam results or whatever)?

@GoodGuesser just offer

bought Ṁ5 NO

I work on the admissions office.

bought Ṁ36 NO

"prob beacon gets imp?" - anon
"50%, either i got in or i didn't" - Beacon

Worth considering their mathematical reasoning skills before buying YES positions.