Will Jonas Vingegaard start the 2024 Tour de France?
Jun 30

I will resolve NO as soon as he announces that he won't participate. Otherwise, I will resolve YES the day the Tour starts.

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@NicoDelon have you heard any news?

@JCE No news sounds like bad news in this case…

bought Ṁ10 NO

@NicoDelon Agreed

bought Ṁ10 NO

I don't think he will start if he is not in shape to win it.

@Eliza Hmm. Even as support (like Roglic did)?

@NicoDelon for whom? WvA to win stages, I don't think he needs support. Uijtdebroeks will be too tired from Giro to be a realistic option. So that leaves us with GC-Kuss!

@egroj Heck yeah?

@NicoDelon Ever since they chose to NOT have Roglic start the 2023 TDF..... 🤣