2023 mana tips for @egroj (JAAM) and lottery for tippers
resolved Jan 2
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I liked when I was allowed to tip with mana and receive tips. I hope that monetary tips get back to manifold.

Meanwhile, if you want to tip mana me, create a new answer here (I'll receive $10 for each new user in the market) with info of why you are tipping me as the answer.

I'll resolve this market with a random answer at the end of January, so you also have a chance to get mana in a lottery by tipping.

You can create answers with M$1, if you want to use more in one answer you are subsidizing and thus encouraging tips of potential new tippers (OK and encouraged).

You can "tip" multiple times even when I really only get the M$10 once, you would be increasing chances for winning the lottery. But I might not count entries in the lottery if I think that they are not real tips.

This is experimental and a based on https://manifold.markets/Yev/yevs-tips, depending on how it works I might create another market like this next year, unless tips are back.

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I asked for a random number between 1 and 6, and I got 4, so resolved to the 4th answer.