Nov 6

This market is part of my Battleground States group, a series of markets relating to key competitive swing states in the 2024 US Presidential Election. These markets allow users to bet on a state-by-state basis how they foresee the results of election day (November 5th, 2024) playing out. Be sure to check out the entire category to see which races are up for grabs!

The state of Georgia was a surprise victory for Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential election. A traditional deep south state with conservative roots, it seemed likely that Trump would be able to sweep the state with no problem. However, with increased concentration of black voters in the Atlanta region and surrounding suburbs, Georgia has now changed to a competitive toss-up race.

From a pure numbers perspective, the Democrats have been making in-roads in the state for decades with the GOP margin of victory slowly tightening:

2004: Bush (16.6)

2008: McCain (5.2)

2012: Romney (7.8)

2016: Trump (5.1)

2020: Biden (0.3)

Will the Democrats be able to continue this trend and score another victory in the Peach State? If so, market will resolve as YES, if not and Georgia flips back to red, market will resolve as NO.

Get Ṁ200 play money

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