Our Discord Bot

  • Want an easy way to introduce your friends to prediction markets?
  • Want to put skin in the game instead of just arguing?
  • Got a discord server full of degens and want to make some money off of them?
  • What is it?
    The Manifold Discord Bot allows you to trade, search, and create prediction markets right from your discord server. It supports trading via Zoomer-friendly emoji reactions! This is how it looks:
    Discord chat message from Manifold Bot containing an embedded link to a prediction market, then four unlabeled buttons, and finally six discord reactions to bet 5 yes, 10 yes, 25 yes, or 5 no, 10 no, 25 no.
    How can I get it?
    Easy! Just click the button below and choose your server from the list. You'll need to have the "Manage Server" permission to add the bot.
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