Which game will Manifold judge to be the best of the 2024 March Madness men’s basketball tournament?
Apr 10
#14 Oakland over #3 Kentucky in Rd of 64
#13 Yale over #4 Auburn in Rd of 64
#3 Creighton beating #11 Oregon in Rd of 32
#11 NC State over #14 Oakland in Rd of 32
#4 Alabama over #1 UNC in Sweet 16
#11 NC State over #2 Marquette in Sweet 16

Will resolve to the results of a poll of Manifold after the tournament concludes.

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Poll is up, with video recaps:

I don't think we've yet seen a lead-changing buzzer beater. That counts for a lot in my book.


#13 Yale beating #4 Auburn in the last two minutes was pretty wild.

sold Ṁ10 #13 Yale over #4 Aub... YES

@dglid Nice! Would you consider it one of your personal contenders for the "Which game will I (i.e. you) judge to be the best" market (enough to be added as an option there), or nah?

@PaintspotInfez Yes. Tbh I didn’t watch a lot of that game but I did see the ending and I’d rewatch if it’s in my final 2. It sounds like it was a more exciting game than UK-Oakland but UK’s loss has greater ramifications beyond the game with Calapari’s coaching future in question, so that’s very compelling.

@dglid - Got it! Just let me know when you've added it to the other market :D