Will the Elden Ring expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree reach a metascore of ≥90
resolved Jun 20


Resolves YES if Shadow of the Erdtree (PC) metascore reaches 90 or over any time between release and two weeks after. EDIT: Minimum of 10 critics

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Now at 93 with 46 reviews and just ~7 hours to go for US release (~1 hour for NZ):

The PC release is simultaneous globally, 40 minutes from now.

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FYI the score is already 92 based on 44 critic reviews:


This just needs to hold for another ~56 hours, and then SotE will release.

I think there's a >90% chance it will deserve a score of >90; the entire community has agreed that the dlc is the best content in each game since Dark Souls 2. But I also think the "where's my easy mode" goblins will come out of the woodwork and bring it down, since dlc is always harder than base game.

If I try to think of a way for the goblins to be appeased, I think of a fight of grand spectacle that's easy underneath, like Rykard, or the dragon from Sekiro. Since Rykard is already in the game, that lowers the chances they'll include one of those.

hmm I doubt it will settle at 90+ (most DLC of 90+ games tends to land in the 80s), but it's likely that there will be a brief window in the first two weeks with all of the early hype coming in that this triggers YES

@Stralor Yeah I am looking into making another market about where the score settles at. Maybe once we get the next crumb of information so it becomes more relevant. Not sure why the recent activity in this market in the first place, maybe the algorithm picked it up when I went through my markets and tidied up the topics/groups they were in?

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@dgga markets mostly get activity in spurts IME. someone finds it, trades, others might then see it as recent activity on the feed

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