Will the Reserve Bank of Australia cut interest rates by end of Q3 2024?
Oct 1

Resolves YES if the Reserve Bank of Australia lowers the cash rate target at any point prior to October 1st 2024

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How many meetings between now and then?

@Awex They meet once a month. On the first Tuesday of the month (excluding January) outdated!

Since I’m commenting already: Q3 in Australia is Jan-March (for the 2024 Financial year) which confused me a bit, bc here he’s using October/calendar year q3

@Gen actually not anymore they don't. Starting this year it's 8 meetings a year:


2024 Reserve Bank Board meetings

5–6 February

18–19 March

6–7 May

17–18 June

5–6 August

23–24 September

4–5 November

9–10 December.

Huh, had never thought about financial year quarters. All economic data in Australia seems to be labelled with calendar year quarters.

@chrisjbillington Yeah I thought that was the case.

@chrisjbillington Oh wow! Shows how little attention I've been paying to it this year. Thanks for correcting me

I think in general the financial year quarters are needlessly confusing, but particularly with accounting stuff it comes up (e.g. just filled out my Q3 BAS)