resolves to % of items i complete on my bucket list
Jul 1

i have written 23 items so far on my bucket list for the 2023-24 school year and plan to add more as i go. they range from easy to hard (easiest probably being "upgrade my wardrobe" and hardest probably being "qualify for jmo"). the goals that i add- as well as the current goals i have- do not have >99% or <1% chance of happening (roughly) (i'm guessing my jmo chances are >1% if i study enough). i am open to answering questions such as "how many of these are related to math?" or "do you have any items on [topic]?" but won't provide my list or my rough estimates of their percentages. if this market gets popular enough i would be happy to provide updates.

resolves to % of items on the list that i complete by the end of the school year; for example, if i end up with 50 items on my bucket list and complete 37 of them then this would resolve to 37/50 = 74%. if i complete all the items this resolves to yes, and if i complete none of them this resolves to no.

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