Will I get accepted to the University of Waterloo?
resolved Mar 8

Reasons why I will get in:

  • My SAT is 1560

  • I have taken advanced college level classes such as

    • Multivariable Calculus

    • Linear Algebra

  • I have taken some APs and gotten scores of 4 or above on all of them

    • AP Calculus BC

    • AP Biology

    • AP Physics C: Mechanics

    • AP Computer Science

    • AP Statistics

  • My GPA is 3.9, which is within the range of admitted applicants. My school is also pretty difficult compared to the average US public school

Reasons why I won't get in:

  • I'm a high school junior, applying one year early

  • I only started the application recently, and the deadlines are pretty close (deadline is in February)

  • I'm applying for Computer Science and Math (both are probably competitive)

  • I'm from the United States (so I'm international)

EC information:

  • Fencing: my peak rank was 26th in the country

  • Fencing related blog with 6k views

  • National level fencing referee (refereed at National Championships, Junior Olympics)

  • Team captain for math competition at school

  • Top 300 women in United States at speedcubing

  • Internship at startup company where I wrote code that helped them get new clients

  • Published puzzle in math magazine

  • Compete in chess

  • Should I put Manifold on here????


  • 2x National Latin Exam Gold

  • AP Scholar with Distinction

  • 10th place at national fencing tournament in my age group with ~160 competitors

  • Honorable mention at Berkeley Math Tournament

  • AMC 8 Honor Roll

  • Various medals at local and regional fencing tournaments

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